Property development that helps you build wealth and gives back to the community

At SS Developments, we help you create financial freedom through property investments and donate profits from property sales to local South Australian charities.
Building with purpose

What we do is so much more than just property development. We give people the opportunity to create a future they've always dreamed of

Property development with a heart

Our dedicated team of compassionate and caring people are here to support you through your wealth-building journey. We help people understand their options and create a financial strategy to build wealth and financial freedom.

With a focus on people before profit, we’ve built connections with our clients that have taken them from clients to family.

A holistic approach to wealth building

SS Developments is proud to be partnered with the following businesses who help support our clients through their wealth-building journey. From property advisory, building and management, our network of experienced professionals can do it all.

Are you ready to discover new possibilities that’ll change your life?

We’re here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you gain financial freedom.

We believe in having a purpose bigger than ourselves

Through our contributions, we hope to create an impact that changes lives.